Robert Snyderman

Robert Snyderman was born in Pennsylvania. He is a co-founder of The Corresponding Society and has served as a curator and editor on most of its publications. He is currently curating, making, and distributing a book series of urgent works, Urgent Series, from Providence, Rhode Island, where he lives with the poet and writers, Christopher Sweeney, Chanelle Bergeron, and Adrian Shirk, finishing graduate studies at Brown University in poetry and teaching.


He has written and directed the following plays: Today's Vengeance (Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan, August 2007), Morning Morning (Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, November 2007), Mi Constants Tomach Floor My Constant Stomach Floor (Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, March 2008), Sleep     Shit (Ontological-Hysteric Theater, St. Mark's Church, Manhattan, May 2008), Fingertips of the Vital Blackbirds (Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn; Mostly Books, Philadelphia, March-April 2010).


With Lonely Christopher and Christopher Sweeney, his long poem, "The Mountain," was published in the book Into, by SevenCircle Press. A work entitled, "River Tried to Not Be River" was published as a chapbook in Philadelphia, by Split Leaves Press. Spring 2011, self-published, and distributed, the work, "The Blacksmith," initiating the idea and reasoning behind Urgent Series.

The last four summers he has written poems in public areas of New York City, to support himself financially and to distribute his work in a way he feels to be impossible through readings or bookstores or the internet.


He has read his poems in the following cities and towns: Allentown, Pennsylvania; Brooklyn, New York; Manhattan, New York; Northampton, Massachusetts; South Deerfield, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; Anne Arbor, Michigan; Bennington, Vermont; Madison, Wisconsin; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; San Francisco, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Berlin, Germany.


He has long poems in Correspondence I, II, a series of travel poems in III, and a series of Vermont farming poems in IV. Jeremy Schmall's Agriculture Reader will be housing a new long poem, "The Mountains," soon.