Lonely Readings




Monday, Feb 20 (7:30pm)

Books Inc.

2275 Market Street, San Francisco

with Stephen Beachy

Thursday, Feb 23 (7:30pm)

Live at 851

851 Haight Street, San Francisco

with Keely Hyslop and Janey Smith

Friday, Feb 24 (7:30pm)

Woolsey Heights

1628 Woolsey St., Berkeley

with Ted Rees and Richard Loranger


Monday, Feb 27 (7:00pm)

The Hedreen Gallery

905 12th Ave, Seattle

in conversation with Gregory Laynor


Thursday, March 1 (6:00pm)

Rehab Cocktail Lounge

3641 N Halsted St, Chicago

withRichard Blanco, Jericho Brown, Regie Cabico, Bryan Borland, Joseph Campana, Steve Fellner, Charles Flowers, Michael Klein, Paul Lisicky, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Ruben Quesada , Douglas Ray, Sarah Browning, Elaine Sexton, Dorianne Laux, Kathie Berquist, and Ana Bozicevic

Thursday, March 1 (10:00pm)


2350 N. Clark St., Chicago

with Laura Goldstein, Nick Demske w/ Dolly Lemke, Feng Sun Chen, Johannes Goransson. Kristen Stone, Kate Durbin, Lucas De Lima, Gina Abelkop, Adam Atkinson, Kate Zambreno, Blake Butler, Ben Fama, Ronaldo Wilson, Lara Glenum, Carrie Murphy, Ben Kopel, William Burke, Alissa Nutting, Anna Joy Springer, and Mike Kitchell



Thursday, March 8 (5:30pm)

Giovanni's Room

345 South 12th St, Philadelphia

with CA Conrad

New York

Tuesday, March 27 (7:30pm)

Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

with special guests and friends 




Tues, Dec 28 (7pm)

Labyrinth Press Company

12 East 4th Street (Jamestown, NY)




Thurs, Jan 13 (8pm)

The Animal Farm Reading Series

Happy Ending

302 Broome St (Manhattan, NY)

with William Upski Wimsatt and Stacy Pershall


Wed, Jan 19 (7pm)

Little House on the Bowery Launch Reading

Bluestockings Books

172 Allen St (Manhattan, NY)

with Joshua Furst reading from Cows by Matthew Stokoe, followed by a panel discussion on Cows and The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse

Tues, Jan 25 (7pm)

St Marks Bookshop

31 3rd Ave (Manhattan, NY)

with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge


Fri, Jan 28 (7pm)

Pilot Books

219 Broadway East, Upstairs (Seattle, WA)

with Gregory Laynor and Mark Gluth


Mon, Jan 31 (7:30pm)

Powell's on Hawthorne

3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd (Portland, OR)




Wed, Feb 2 (7:30pm)

Moe's Books

2476 Telegraph Ave (Berkeley, CA)

with Kevin Killian and Jack Shamama


Thurs, Feb 3 (7pm)

City Lights

261 Columbus Ave (San Francisco, CA)

with Kevin Killian and Richard Loranger


Sun, Feb 6 (4pm)

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd (West Hollywood, CA)

with Joseph Mattson


Fri, Feb 25 (7:30pm)

Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave (Brooklyn, NY)

with Rachel Levitsky and Dale Peck

Sat, Feb 26 (4:30pm)

The Enclave Reading Series

Cake Shop

152 Ludlow St (Manhattan, NY)

with Shelley Jackson and John Haskell




Sat, March 12 (4pm)

The Segue Reading Series

The Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery (Manhattan, NY)

with Michael Gottlieb


Fri, March 25 (6pm)

Dorothea Lasky’s Multifarious Array Series

Pete’s Candy Store

709 Lorimer Street (Brooklyn, NY)

guest host Corina Copp presents a table reading of the first act of Lonely Christopher’s play Endymion Dreams the Moon; also featuring readings by Astrid Lorange, David Buuck, and Steve Orth

Sun, Mar 27 (7pm)

Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave (Brooklyn, NY)

with Emily Pettit and Dorothea Lasky; hosted by Ben Fama


Thurs, March 31 (7pm)

The Brooklyn Independent Series

Brooklyn Public Library (Dweck Center)

1 Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn, NY)

with Nathan Larson, David Unger, and Kevin Holohan