Little Girls

by Lonely Christopher

Like trees

of skin

under the timetable

mother’s home

tenses object

an online

of dark branches

the breeze

finding hospital

understood surface

made of

infrequent plastics

this disaster

socks glorified

then disquiet

presented apology

somewhat like

sexy lake

the light reflects

sort of perspective

likely animals

congregations of

entrance strains

the windowed round

soft corners

standing participle

heavily blue

like those things

birthday chandelier

police came

learner mirrored

across concrete

recreational vehicle

sort of night

opaque storm

gone bashes

substitute teacher

fleshy bra

made weather

puffy ache

the shade crucible

wary complication

beguile durance

like bucks

sore protrusion

verb agreement

in the way

the woods scope

colored asks

a whole world

made of


like little girls.

(Published in Correspondence No. 2, March 2009 & Wow, Where Do You Come from, Upside-Down Land?, August 2009)