Dear Chris

by Lonely Christopher

DeaR Chris I have started school and yesterday it was picture day and guess what the New Harry Potter movie is comeing to theaters Nov. 18, and I and so Excited. Dear --- Chris I got sick over the weekend But the First week oF scool went By Fast to Fast DEAR: ChRIS --- It HAS Been to weeks At South Western And guess what I met a New kid on the bus and we hung out on Thursday and Guess what ELS My Favorite Movie Is Comeing to DVD ON Septempber, 20, 2005 and I am So Excited. I met two NeW kids in my class, their names aRe Brian and sydney Brown. they are very nice kids. My class is still the same, oh yeh we have another new kid in my class his name is Larry Bimber he also is very nice. Guess What els I had to run 1 lap around the track under 3# minutes, and I have to new teachers in school, MRS. Bonds, and MRS. Shelly For English and computers, and Both classes are very Fun. And MRS. Shelly Was on the Radio and she won #2 Big Macs From McDonalds and We cooked in MRS. Stockwells class on Friday morning and mom picked me early From school to go to the Dentist, and then we headed to green Acer’s and spent the night and we Left in the Evening and I Forgot my cards at green Acer’s that night. And I went to church today and watched mom sing In the choir and then I went a youth group and now I am getting Ready to go to school tomarow and I am getting For Bed Right now. P.S. pLease write Back to me. LOVE Robbie your Brother