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At the Train Station

(Ilya Ehrenburg)

Do you remember at the station,
The clatter, shouting, and noise,
But of concealed sorrow, only
A sigh let out on the way?

It was strange, with all those people,
To tremble nervously with you
And talk about how I'll send you
Your piled baggage when we part.

If only we could cry, like children...
But, stupid smiles on our lips,
We babbled pointlessly about
Some kind of ticket, you and me.

It was only at the instant of parting
That I finally saw, for what
The two of us, in the minutes we shared
Had been longing together, at last.

Помнишь ты на вокзале
Грохот, крик, суету,
Затаенной печали
Только вздох на лету?

Было странно средь давки,
Беспокойно дрожа,
Говорить об отправке
Твоего багажа.

Разрыдаться б, как дети...
Но с улыбкой тупой
О каком-то билете
Мы болтали с тобой.

И лишь в миг расставанья
Я увидел, о чем
Мы в минуты свиданья
Тосковали вдвоем.